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With Trafalgar you have a more meaningful choice of trips and in-depth experiences than any other guided travel company.

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Trafalgar has been creating exceptional guided holidays for almost 70 years. With more than 230 trips to worldwide destinations, including Europe, North, Central and South America, Asia and Africa, we continue to offer new ways to travel every year.

Trafalgar are the Real Insiders
No one has been able to come close to establishing anything like our network of local characters; from chefs and artisans to historians, farmers and even taxi drivers. You’ll eat with them, drink with them; listen to their stories. You’ll find they’ll open up your understanding of your destination in ways you never imagined.

Trafalgar offer Real Choice
We offer more destinations and more types of holiday than any other guided travel operator. Take a look at our trip types. You’ll find there’s a range of travel styles to suit you.

Trafalgar provide Real Flexibility
There’s always an element of free time and flexibility built-in, and there’s often a range of trips and Optional Experiences to choose from.

Real Ease
You’ll be a VIP: enjoy exclusive access to selected sights, avoid queues at major attractions, benefit from luggage porterage right to your room, and stay in carefully selected hotels.
We deliver what we promise: the real deal.