1. Do the tour directors and local guides speak English?

    Yes, all of our onboard tour directors and local guides are fluent in English.

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  2. When are the new tour and cruise brochures released?

    Dates are dependent on the destination. This is a general guideline:

    Britain/Europe (Summer) - October
    Britain/Europe (Winter) - May/June
    USA/Canada - July/August
    River Cruises - April/May

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  3. Can I get a brochure?

    We do not mail out brochures as all the information is available on our website, however, if you would like access to a brochure we provide a link to the operators brochure on each operator page. If you have any further questions or require any further information, a member of our team will be happy to get back to you promptly.

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  4. Are all tour dates considered definite departures?

    No. Some tours dates are designated as definite departure and others are not. As soon as a tour is designated as a definite departure, we mark it as such on our departures and prices page. Select your tour and date of departure and when we send you our quote we will advise you of availability and whether that date is definitely departing. If your date is not available or is not designated as a definite departure we will advise you of the closest available date and definite departure.

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  5. When do we receive our documents?

    Documents are usually mailed to you 2-3 weeks prior to departure.

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  6. Are there any further discounts?

    We offer all current discounts offered by our suppliers as well as our own discounted price.

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  7. Do I need travel insurance?

    We strongly recommend that all our travellers carry insurance for their own peace of mind, prior and during travel.

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  8. Will I get seasick on a river cruise?

    Those that usually suffer seasickness on an ocean cruise often find that they will not experience this on a river cruise, due to the drastic difference in conditions.

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  9. How do I claim the discounts/specials?

    We will apply any available discounts or specials automatically to any quote you send through to give you the very best possible price.

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  10. I still have a few questions.

    Please, do not hesitate to Contact us.

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